What’s the unique idea in connectivism

An interesting and helpful presentation by gsiemens.  Key points for me

  • constructivism doesn’t quite fit the bill any more in providing a theory for learning (I’ll have to think about this)
  • connectivism may more accurately describe learning in the 21st century
  • learning can now be thought of as forming new networks. In the past education has viewed knowledge as pieces of a puzzle which have a place. In connectivism, there’s no place, we don’t know what’s going on and we are learning in a complex chaotic environment. This fits with always having told my students that learning is messy
  • learning can be seen as being networked on 3 levels – biological/neurons, conceptual/related ideas, social/human dialogue

So, now knowing this, what would I change in the way in which I currently teach and learn. Don’t know yet.




2 thoughts on “What’s the unique idea in connectivism

  1. kellimcgraw November 26, 2008 / 5:48 am

    I think connectivism is an interesting and highly relevant learning theory, but I don’t know that I see it as a replacement for constructivism…

    Can connectivism be seen as a logical branch of constructivism?

    Also, not everyone is going to be learning in a connected way all the time (not sure if they even should), so I think there is still plenty of room for constructivism in 21st century teaching.

  2. jennymackness November 26, 2008 / 9:43 am

    HI Kelli – Thanks for your visit. I agree with you. I think there is room for constructivism and expecially social constructivism, but also for behaviourism and cognitivism. It all depends on the context. I don’t believe in ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’! 🙂


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