Succumbing to the tyranny of participation?

I have just made this blog public. I have kept quite a few blogs before but they have never been public. In the past I have invited a few people in and used them either as reflective journals or as a means of keeping my thinking about a given project in one place. This has always served my purpose in the past.

However it seems that I can’t really test out this theory of connectivism unless I do go public. I do wonder though if there is a tyranny of participation. I first discussed this idea about a year ago with Vivien Hodgson, one of the authors of this paper.

I felt a little bit of this tyranny when I read SDs article Seven Habits of Highly Connected People  which for some reason made me feel uncomfortable when I read it.   Here are some selected quotes from the paper – selected on the basis of my own particular biases. You have to read it all to get the full gist.

  • Posting, after all, isn’t about airing your own views (I don’t quite follow this. Isn’t this what most people are doing in the forums, including SD and GS)
  • Connection Comes First (Surely not for everyone)
  • In a connected world, you want to be needed and wanted (Isn’t that one of the problems)
  • Offline people collaborate. Online, people cooperate (I have experienced wonderful collaboration online)
  • Rather, it’s a recognition that your online life encompasses the many different facets of your life, and that it is important that these facets are all represented and work together. (Surely they can all work together without being represented online)

So have I succumbed to a sort of tryanny by going public, or do I really need to go public to test all this out? Time will tell!


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