Found it!

I have finally come across the resource that talks about what I am interested in, i.e. how the theory of connectivism can be applied to schooling and education in a practical sense.

Here is GS talking on the Robin Good Show. A great interview because Robin Good does not give an inch. It all made sense to me and the idea of everyone being a teacher as well as a learner, although not new, fits very well with connectivism.

However, for me the key point was made by Robin Good, where he said; ‘We have a responsibility to all become teachers.’ It’s that word ‘responsibility’ that resonates with me.

My experience of online learning is that a very big shift has to be made to move learners from simply networking and co-operating with each other, to taking responsibility for each other’s learning. For me the most successful online learning experiences have been when groups of learners collaborate on a project, where the outcome of the project depends on each person making their contribution and being responsible for the learning of the group as a whole. These are the experiences that have had the most impact on my learning.

There was also talk of school of the future. GS suggest that schools of the future will be learning networks instead of classrooms and children will have access to many experts not just one or limited numbers of teachers. The idea of having internationally networked schooling is quite a thought! I’d love to see some examples in action.

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