Do we have the full picture?

This was another interesting slide from Valdis Krebs

Here we have a view of what is going on behind the organisational hierarchy, i.e. the connections in the white space (grey lines) that are being made to get the job done.

So in this course, or in any course,

  • How much ‘back-channelling’ is going on?
  • How many people are making a significant contribution without anyone being aware of it or even being aware of it themselves?
  • How many people have deliberately chosen to inhabit the white space even if that is an unfamiliar term?

I find this intriguing as there has been such a lot of talk in the foums and blogs about dominant characters and their effect on the course, whereas in fact there could be an awful lot going on in the white space that we are mostly unaware of, but is still having an effect on the course. Fascinating and well worth thinking about from a teaching perspective.

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