Valdis Krebs on Networks

This was a great presentation – very engaging, although my head was physically hurting by the end – and well summarised here by Stephen Downes –

I think what I liked so much about it was that it was as if we were listening to a series of stories. I could relate to almost all the networks described by Valdis Krebs and illustrated by his slides.

Two particular slides were of particular interest to me:

1. Communities of Practice

Here we have 3 communities, the green, the grey and the blue all internally networked. It is the external consultants (the pink) who connect these separate communities. They are on the peripheries of the communities and yet are likely to have power and influence – or is this an assumption? If it is not simply an assumption, then what is the relationship between power, influence and expertise and the number of connections?

2. Online Networks

I think everyone was interested in this one as it seems to depict exactly what is going on in this course. But supposing the number of people and the people themselves were exactly those currently represented at the centre – would we still then see this network pattern – is it simply a function of its size or is it reflective of the nature of online relationships and working?

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