Wisdom in the network

Will networks ever be stable enough to develop qualities such as wisdom? Could wisdom be a property of a network as a whole? It seems to me that wisdom relies on years of learning. Is there a place in networks for a quality such as wisdom. This came to me as I read an article in this weekend’s paper which interviewed a variety of well-known people who were asked to share their hard-won lessons. Here are some words from three of them.

Jane Goodall: ‘We need to be more respectful’ (talking about our relationship with the rest of the animal kingdom)

Nelson Mandela: ‘A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination’…… ‘I learnt that to humiliate another person is to make him suffer an unnecessarily cruel fate.’

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: ‘A soft answer turns away wrath.’

I’m going to remember this course as much, if not more, for its relevance to me as a human learning process, as for its content.

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