Connectivity/life balance

I have just read Steve Sorden’s post about the difficulty of keeping the balance right in relation to how much time we spend on this course.

This reminded me that I wanted to make a note of Stephen’s post (or was it George?) on how many hours we should be spending on this course. 8 hours a week.

From what I have read I expect people have spent more than I hour on their assignment – probably much more. 

Some additional time that might be needed depending on your prior experience would be for setting up your blog, or other aspects of your personal learning environment. This could take quite a lot of time

Beyond this, what is needed are the skills to save time – so multi-tasking skills, ability to skim read and so on will all save time. I think Stephen or George said on the Ustream call that it was expected that people signing up for this course would have the basic technical skills, but as Stephen also said, typical internet behaviour is to sign up and then wonder if it’s the right course for you after signing up. A pre-course skills/technical skills/computer spec type of checklist might help to prevent people just jumping on the bandwagon – but on the other hand if I’d completed a checklist I probably wouldn’t be here now 😉

The course does seem to be all consuming though. If I’m not actually online, I am thinking about it and relating it all the time to other areas of my work. I can see that it will leave a hug gap once it is ended, but I think this is a common experience with online courses.

One thought on “Connectivity/life balance

  1. mmvcentro October 5, 2008 / 8:14 am

    Hi Jenny!

    I read your previous post, as Steve or George pointed out at last Friday live session even if they had placed a big yellow sign of warning some people would have signed in anyway.

    If you have had time to read my blog you will see that I gave a lot of thought before joining because my husband and I made some sacrifices to pay for it, after all I was willing to invest my time anyway. As you mention, the course is very well structured, what I don’t see is the “teachers” nurturing the network with the participants but I kind of understand that in a MOOC experiment. They have a lot of work already.

    I am lucky Jenny, I can manage my own time working on my own office and Gonzalo accommodated the fact that the house would be left behind during this months. I spend more than 5 hours a day online and I am loosing sleep.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll, I am flattered 😉
    See you around. Love: Maru

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