Developing a connectivist education philosophy

In response to a comment I made on his blog Suifaijohnmak asked me this question:

What do you see might be the philosophy (learning and educational) that could be learnt in networks (or connectivism)?

I’m copying my response here as I think this is a useful question and one worth holding in mind. I don’t have the answer to this question yet – but if for example the question was sprung on me in an interview (and I have in the past been asked to explain my educational philosophy in interviews), I would at the moment probably say something similar to the repsonse I have made to John – which is copied below.

Hi John – it would take me a while and a lot more understanding to formulate an educational philosophy that would be based on connectivism. My current thinking (but this is under continual review) is that it would be one that is based on the belief that

– learners can learn autonomously in the time and space of their choosing,
– they can negotiate their own curriculum and define their own learning paths
– they can find, select, analyse and synthesise the information they need from a variety of different sources,
– they have the skills to make meaning of this information, both working alone and with others, and thus extend their knowledge

I haven’t yet worked out where the teacher and assessment fit into this. I’m hoping that I will understand this better by the end of the course.

Thanks for asking this question John. It was useful.

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