Keeping grounded!

Well another disastrous attempt at getting into Elluminate this evening – so I missed the first half of the session and then it kept cutting out on me. This is all a bit frustrating as it’s such a waste of time and I miss the synchronous contact.

On thinking back through the way I tried to connect this evening, I had to laugh at myself. I’m sure the steps I went through will seem quite bizarre to the technically competent.

1. I have a new laptop – the last one was dying on me – so I thought ‘Great – this will speed things up!’ But I couldn’t get into Ustream. I thought it must be something to do with the settings on my new laptop – so I logged out and in a few times to no avail.

2. I then thought I would move back to my old laptop, since I have always got in with that one in the past – but my old laptop takes an age to start up. Finally opened up Ustream to find it was OffAir.

3. I puzzled about this for a little and then decided I must have got the time wrong – so went back to the connectivism site to check it. It was the same time as always – but had summer time changed in Canada? Off to the World clock to check on times. No I had the right time – so where was everyone?

4. I finally remembered that we had once before had to decamp to Elluminate so logged in there.

5. After much hassle with my old laptop, I got into Elluminate to find that I could see the chat – but had no sound at all.

6. Went through the audio wizard – which did not seem to be working.

7. Finally thought to check my volume to find that it was off – I’d done this earlier in the day, but forgotten.

So once again I joined the session late and everyone else seemed to be there and knowing what was going on. I’m only making this post as I think it’s a salutory lesson for connectivism. Although I might be one of only a handful of people on this course (I prefer not to think that I might be the only one!) who is not very technically competent, I think there are plenty more like me out there and in fact many who are a lot worse than me – and the fact is, that if you can’t handle the technology, then you just cannot connect in an online environment!

Anyhow, I’m going to remember this to help me keep my feet on the ground when working with people who are new to online learning 🙂

There was lots of interesting chat in the last half hour of the session, so I hope to catch up with it all soon!

4 thoughts on “Keeping grounded!

  1. Zemina Hasham October 25, 2008 / 2:57 pm

    Hi Jenny,

    Sorry to hear of your frustration with joining the Elluminate session. If you have time prior to your next session, please let me know and I’ll have one of our technical support reps work with you to ensure you can connect and hear in the session!

    Just send me an email and we’d be happy to help!


    Zemina Hasham
    Senior Director, Client Services
    Elluminate Inc.

  2. Maru October 25, 2008 / 5:04 pm

    Hi Jenny!

    I am glad to see that you have been offered support to use Elluminate and to find the recordings, which by the way I searched for at older posts on the Daily so thanks to you I now know also were to find them easily. It seems that product reps are reading you wich will make the use of their services easier for you and in a vicarious way to us, your readers too. 🙂

    Yesterday I failed to connect to SLExperiments weekly meetings in SL. I have a new graphics card but the settings allowed me to remain in-world just 10 minutes before the PC turned off. My PC takes 10 minutes to start, probably I have added too many applications that somewhat conflict with earch other. It was very frustrating because we had CCK08 new participants.

    See you around. Maru :X

  3. rheyden October 26, 2008 / 1:08 pm

    Jenny, You are not alone! It seems each week I have one problem or another connecting to the online sessions. And your step-by-step description had me laughing (with relief) to myself that I am not the only one! I do worry about the exclusionary nature of the technology required to be connected. I’ve watched my 69-year old mother, who is very bright, struggle with adapting to this online world of ours…getting familiar with her new laptop, getting a cable connection at her house, learning to use email, figuring out the metaphors of the internet. It’s been a slog for her and she’s nowhere near to your advanced level of problem solving to find your cohort in Elluminate. One thing in your 7-step path that strikes me like a silver bullet between the eyes, is your persistence. You REALLY wanted to get in there and listen/talk/participate. Just like my mother REALLY wants to be online in order to email with her relatives. Motivation, right? If the prize at the end of the technology obstacle course is sweet enough, well then, anything is do-able.

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