Digital literacy

I am thinking about this because I attended a workshop this week on digitial literacies – a face-to-face workshop – run by ELESIG (e-learner experiences special interest group) and funded by JISC LLiDA project

Wikipedia defines digital literacy as:

the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and create information using digital technology. It involves a working knowledge of current high-technology, and an understanding of how it can be used. Digitally literate people can communicate and work more efficiently, especially with those who possess the same knowledge and skills.

It’s interesting that this definition seems to assume that if you have the ability to locate, organise, understand, evaluate and create information using digital technology, then you can communicate it. I think this connectivism course has shown that that there might be more to digital literacy than this.

What are the literacy skills of connectivity and are these simply digital literacy skills or do we need to make a distinction? This seems to be worth thinking about.

One thought on “Digital literacy

  1. g November 23, 2008 / 3:34 pm

    Nice post!

    I think the skills have to be taught. There are some of us who have used them for so long that it just comes as second nature. Where I work, I’ve started a “Knowledge Worker Competency Series” that I deliver using our internal social media platform and live lunch and learn events. So far we have talked about finding info and determining relevance, and the next one is about communities.

    I don’t think people automatically make the connection between the real-life connections they have, and maintaining and building those connections using digital tools.

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