Technology affordances

Yesterday I spent 6 hours on a train, getting to and from a 45 minute meeting in London, at huge expense. There was the cost of the train fare, my journey to the station to catch the train (24 mile round trip), my station parking, my food/drinks during the day and London taxis, which I had to get because the Victoria tube line was closed. The taxis cost almost as much as the train fare!

This meeting was an interview for a bid which a team of us were tendering for. Four of us went to the interview, so think of my costs roughly times four.  Then there’s the cost of our time. I managed to do some work on the train, but what I gained on the train, I have probably lost today from feeling jaded and not up to much hard work.

I’m wondering why, in this day and age, we all had to go to London for this interview. Couldn’t we have done it via video conferencing or similar? Would the interview panel (5 of them) have learned what they needed to know if it had been done virtually? I can’t see why not because it was a formal interview, in the sense that we first gave a 15 minute presentation and this was followed by 3 set questions from each of the panel, which lasted 30 minutes.

I’m trying to work out what would have been lost if we had done this via video conferencing. I enjoyed the trip and the interview, but given that we are all in education, our team and the interview panel, it does make you wonder why things are so slow to change.


2 thoughts on “Technology affordances

  1. suifaijohnmak April 28, 2009 / 12:43 am

    What a tiring journey!

    You have enjoyed the trip and interview. That may be the extras out of journey.

    It’s interesting to see how the technolgoy (video conferencing) could be use in interviews and presentation. I still would like to see how it impacts on meetings, interviews and presentation.

    Would this be the next topic of interests in our research? A more challenging theme perhaps.

    Thanks for this stimulating post.


  2. suifaijohnmak April 28, 2009 / 12:48 am

    I also hope that you and your team could win the bid. Or may be I could join you and your team virtually in the future. I always like to volunteer myself in trying new things.


    Hmmm. It sounds interesting to bid in any tendering process, as I have experienced in the past. A lot of resume, presentation, and then … yes you got it. That’s how I got the job of a national assessor on a few occasion.

    And surely you will get it. God bless you.

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