Research and dissemination

In another meeting this week there was discussion about whether it was worth the time trying to publish in academic journals. A project I am working with at the moment has to meet a requirement to disseminate their work and developments. For academics, publication in an academic journal is not only important for personal advancement and career development, but is also important for the University’s research rating. But does this help dissemination?

I think many people would agree that most journal papers are very rarely read. Not only that but they take so long to be published that if you are working in the area of technology-enhanced learning, then by the time the paper is published its out of date.

So what are the alternatives? The web offers many alternatives. There are open e-journals, blogs, newsletters, press releases etc. But do these offer the peer/expert review offered by respected journals and colleagues? 

So what do you go for –  to have your paper accepted by a recognised/high status  journal, despite the fact that it might not be read by many people, or have your work widely disseminated on the web or elsewhere?

John, Roy and I – with our papers on researching the CCKO8 experience have tried to find the middle way – a respected conference in which to publish, but a conference that publishes papers online – for wider dissemination.

What is the future of research papers I wonder?

2 thoughts on “Research and dissemination

  1. suifaijohnmak October 17, 2009 / 10:00 pm

    Hi Jenny,
    This is a challenge for most researchers, especially when the publication affects the University’s research rating.
    We hope this middle way would spark further interests in reveiws by the peers and experts. I suppose this is also part of the community research & learning.

  2. Sarah Stewart October 17, 2009 / 11:45 pm

    I think this is a very real problem for academics. I have used all sorts of publishing methods but the one that has had the ‘best output’ for me personally was presenting a paper at the ascilite conference – I presented, got a full paper published – and because it was published online I have a number of people contact me, one connection leading to a job.

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