Networked Learning Conference 2010

Heli in her post about the Networked Learning Conference writes about being lazy  but I don’t think she compares with how lazy I have been with regard to writing to this blog. Actually, I don’t think it’s been laziness – it’s been an active resistance to blogging.

Mike Bogle in a recent blog post with the title Losing My Edge writes about struggling to find his voice and feeling alienated and removed from his networks. I can really sympathise with this. I think Debra Ferreday and Vivien Hodgson ‘hit the nail on the head’ with their paper ‘The Tyranny of Participation and Collaboration in Networked Learning’ Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Networked Learning.

However, two things have prompted this post.

1. Next week I will start tutoring again on an online course about Reflective Learning  – which has raised again for me the whole issue of the role of reflective journals (which equates to one style of blogging) in reflective learning . If I find it difficult myself to keep up with reflective writing, then what does this say to my students/course participants? That’s a practical issue, but there is also the deeper issue of how reflective learning, reflective practice and reflective writing relate to each other.

2. In just over a week’s time I will be presenting (with Roy Williams) two papers at the Networked Learning Conference 2010  in Denmark – The two papers we (Roy Williams, SuiFai John Mak and me) wrote following the CCK08 course were both accepted

Unfortunately John can’t make it from Australia for the conference, so I still haven’t met him, despite working with him all this time on the research (which we did via a wiki), but Roy will be there and maybe we will meet up with some CCK08 people. That would be great!

This will be the first conference I have ever presented at, so I’m hoping it will be OK. The whole process has been interesting and raised lots of questions for me about the way we go about research – but that’s another story – to save for another day!

Thanks to Heli for her prompt!


5 thoughts on “Networked Learning Conference 2010

  1. Mike Bogle April 22, 2010 / 10:31 pm

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day, sorry I’ve been slack in replying – it rolls into the topic of this post actually.

    “If I find it difficult myself to keep up with reflective writing, then what does this say to my students/course participants?”

    Absolutely, that’s a critical question. If it’s anything that moving from a central unit to the faculty has demonstrated, it’s the stark reality of time and lack of it. The experience has been really useful in that sense, because previously I just couldn’t grasp the notion of not having time to blog. “You just make time,” I’d think to myself. Well the reality is far different I’ve found.

    This is an element of online engagement that I think is really important to factor into planning, particularly when it comes to online learning. The online component is frequently underrepresented in planning, which can translate to excessive expectations on what can be accomplished.

    When students are taking several courses with online components this can become a huge problem, because if everyone is under-representing the amount of online work it can grow into a huge commitment for students – especially when they’re working.

    For that matter, it’s not unusual for work online to come in addition to face to face work, rather than instead of it. This all rolls into the topic of seeing educational technology as an inseparable part of learning – in a holistic sense – not just some tangential add-on to it.

    Really glad to see you’re still blogging – even only occasionally – I always appreciate your posts.

  2. Heli Nurmi April 24, 2010 / 3:39 pm

    Hi Jenny, so nice to meet you again.

    You had interesting links in your post, a course about reflective learning is beginning and conference papers. I have a lot to read, thanks.
    We had a conference ITK2010 in Finland and Stephen Downes had two presentations, he could not fly to Finland but presentation can be found in his www cites.

    I am not eager to travel even in Finland but I will read and comment your presentations, I promise it. Perhaps time has given new perspectives ..
    Let’s keep the connection in near future

  3. jennymackness April 26, 2010 / 4:23 pm

    Hi Heli – yes it would be great to keep the connection – and it’s lovely to hear from you too. I hope you manage to make a connection with the Networked Learning Conference too. The hotseats were interesting, weren’t they!


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