JISC Netskills – free online seminars

JISC Netskills is running a free online seminar series, with David White, University of Oxford and Alan Cann, University of Leicester as the first confirmed speakers. Delivered entirely online, these seminars offer a convenient way to hear exceptional speakers exploring interesting and relevant topics concerning technology and education today.

In the first seminar on 21 June, Dave White considers “The Rhetoric of Openness”, exploring what openness online means from a teaching and learning perspective and looking at some of the tensions that arise when traditional organisations attempt to appropriate the notion of ‘open’.
Find out more about Dave White’s seminar on 21st June here: http://bit.ly/k7deVn

In the second seminar on 27 June, Dr Alan Cann discusses his experience of “Supporting Researcher Engagement With Social Tools” over the last few years, arguing for less emphasis on technology and tools and more on the virtues of communities of practice and personal learning networks. Find out more about Dr Alan Cann’s seminar on 27th June here: http://bit.ly/lu3HUV

Tue 21 Jun, 1-2pm
The Rhetoric of Openness, Dave White
More information & pre-registration: http://bit.ly/jyGX67

Mon 27 Jun, 1-2pm
Supporting Researcher Engagement With Social Tools, Alan Cann
More information & pre-registration: http://bit.ly/m61leW


One thought on “JISC Netskills – free online seminars

  1. Heli Nurmi June 21, 2011 / 2:46 pm

    Liked the session with Dave White, thanks for the link
    My head is full of thoughts – critical thinking and judging seem to be the most important skills in internet

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