2nd Networked Learning Hotseat – Nov 20-25

The Ist Hotseat was well worth attending – so I’m looking forward to this one.

Value of Nets, Sets and Groups

This year’s second Hot Seat discussion in the area of networked learning runs from November 20-25. Terry Anderson & Jon Dron will facilitate a discussion on Nets, sets and groups.

They start the week on Sunday 20th with an elluminate synchronous session at 1:00pm MDT. Check out your time zone here:  http://bit.ly/uwgrR6.

You can enter the elluminate room here: http://tinyurl.com/3rahrud.

The rest of the week the discussion will continue here: Nets, sets and groups: Different tools for different contexts

This week-long online discussion is freely open to everybody who wishes to participate, so come and join us as we begin the countdown to #nlc2012!

Conference InformationThe main conference information site is at: http://www.networkedlearningconference.org.uk/

Follow on twitter: http://twitter.com/nlc2012

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