OER13 Conference, Tues 26 March

Tomorrow my colleague from Oxford Brookes University, George Roberts, will be presenting a workshop at the OER13 conference – in Nottingham, UK. He will be joined on Skype, by Marion Waite.


This paper/workshop is one of the outcomes of the FSLT12 MOOC , which we worked on last year and will run again this year from 8th May to the 14th June. We have also worked on three further papers as an outcome of FSLT12.

  • Waite, M., Mackness, J., Roberts, G., & Lovegrove, E. (under review 2013). Liminal participants & skilled orienteers: A case study of learner participation in a MOOC for new lecturers. JOLT
  • Mackness, J., Waite, M., Roberts, G. & Lovegrove, E. (to be submitted 2013). Learning in a Small, Task-Oriented, Connectivist MOOC: Implications for Higher Education.  eLearning Papers
  • Lovegrove et al. (in progress) Moving online, becoming ‘massive’: turning the face-to-face ‘First Steps in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education’ into a MOOC. BeJLT

The OER13 workshop will follow a similar format to the presentation that George made to the ELESIG community  earlier this month, but will explore MOOC meanings more deeply from, threshold concept, community of practice and third space theory perspectives.

Having looked through the OER13 website, I can’t see that any presentations are being live streamed, but hopefully recordings will be uploaded, and there is a Twitter channel – #oer13

4 thoughts on “OER13 Conference, Tues 26 March

  1. Scott Johnson March 26, 2013 / 5:22 pm

    Thanks for this Jenny. Will pass the information on to our faculty development person. Maybe two of us can enrol as one?

    Like the development of variety in MOOCs. Splitting off to form new species is a proven way to evolve and I wonder why all the worry about being faithful to breed? The latest in education presentation seems to stress “avoiding the inefficiencies of duplication” with 2 correctives offered: 1) the single version for all or 2) last survivor wins. Why not make it impossible to cross polinate and eliminate the duplication category entirely?

  2. jennymackness March 27, 2013 / 7:32 am

    Hi Scott – thanks for your comment. I’m not sure that I have fully understood. How would it be possible to eliminate ‘cross pollination’? Jenny 🙂

  3. Scott Johnson March 28, 2013 / 4:32 am

    I was thinking about ways to not be flattened by the more powerful player in a relationship. Maybe I should have said “accommodation.” We’ve been building a department to provide education to students within the system of the college and forgot to protect ourselves from the interests of politicians. Working within the system has failed us and we wasted many hours trying to fit when should have been growing spines and sharp teeth. As we regroup I think taking what is of value from the system is fine but don’t think you can survive as a partner.

    Going to have to think this over and blog on it as I get ready for FSLT.

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