Footprints in Frankfurt – GMW2013

Jutta foto13gPhoto by Claudia Bremer –

This is a photo of Jutta Pauschenwein at the GMW2013 conference in Frankfurt, where Jutta and her colleagues Gudrun Reimerth and Erika Pernold, presented a workshop on Footprints of Emergence.

Pauschenwein, Jutta; Reimerth, Gudrun; Pernold, Erika

Footprints of emergence – eine aussagekräftige

Evaluierungsmethode für moderne Lernszenarien

In preparation for their conference workshop Jutta wrote a comprehensive blog post, explaining how she works with the footprints.

Although this is all in German, and unfortunately I don’t speak German, I can get the gist of it from Google Translate.  She writes:

I have been using the footprints since the fall of 2012 and they have become a valuable tool for reflection on both the design of learning scenarios developed by me as well as my own learning processes…..

I have learned to read Footprints and draw conclusions from them. The interpretation of the outliers (factors with particularly high or low values ) are particularly interesting , but also the footprint as a whole in its graphical representation is meaningful.

The interesting thing is that Jutta ends her blog post with a footprint about her experience in MOOC Course Maker 2013, which ironically shows the course to be more prescriptive than emergent!

Jutta's mmc13-footprint

Jutta and her colleagues have done a lot of work with the footprints, and we look forward to further collaboration with them and learning more from them about how they use the footprints.

Thanks to Matthias Melcher who pointed me to Jutta’s photo and pointed out that the Footprints are travelling across Europe from Lancaster, Portsmouth and London, to Austria, Finland and Frankfurt!

Postscript 08-09-2013

Today I learned that Jutta, Erika and Gudrun won the best poster award at the GMW2013 conference –  Congratulations!

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.31.08

2 thoughts on “Footprints in Frankfurt – GMW2013

  1. helinur September 8, 2013 / 11:56 am

    I like Jutta’s post in German, it helps me to follow your complex English. I tried to find Jutta’s name from her blog but it was not easy, so I used her name jupidu. which I knew – and the photo of a diver. Now I know she is Jutta P.

    Footprints are traveling across western Australia, I suppose, because I have visits from Perth now when dealing with footprints. Someone is working on there…

    This is the beginning of what, you never know

  2. jennymackness September 8, 2013 / 2:49 pm

    Hi Heli – it’s good to know that someone in Perth might be interested in the Footprints. Look forward to hearing more if you are contacted.

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