What is Emergent Learning? Why is it relevant?

This week and next week we will be discussing these questions with the SCoPE community and others. See below for details.

In his Ted Talk earlier this year, Sugata Mitra explained that we now live in a world in which we can no longer think in terms of ‘making learning happen’. We have to ‘let it happen’.  In other words we have to embrace ‘emergent learning’.

Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

If you are interested in learning environments which support emergent learning and would like to share and discuss your experiences, please join us. Here are the details.

The discussion forum and online webinars are open to all, not only SCoPE community members, but to anyone who is interested.  Head for the Footprints of Emergence page on the SCoPE site. The discussion forum is now open.

There are two webinars scheduled as part of this 2-week seminar discussion. They will take place in the SCoPE Blackboard Collaborate Room: http://urls.bccampus.ca/scopeevents

Tuesday, 19 November 18:00 GMT  We will introduce ourselves and discuss what emergent learning is and the progress of our research. This will be followed by asynchronous discussion in the forum, where we can discuss further questions and any issues arising from the webinar.

Tuesday, 29 November 18:00 GMT  This webinar will focus on drawing footprints of emergence and a discussion of the critical factors, which we use to describe and map out the learning experience. We will encourage all participants to draw their own footprints. In the following asynchronous discussion forum, we hope that you will share your footprints, so that we can critically reflect on the approach, and methodology, in order to improve it and to continue to make it accessible, available and relevant to the broader research and design community.

Many thanks to Sylvia Currie for the invitation and for her help and support in organizing this.

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