Questions about Emergent Learning

We had a great webinar on Emergent Learning on Tuesday, courtesy of Sylvia Currie and the SCoPE community at BCcampus. It’s really stimulating to discover others ‘out there’ who are as interested in emergent learning as we are. For those who would have liked to join us and couldn’t make it, Sylvia has posted a recording of the session.

There were lots of points made in the webinar that I could mention here and some are already being discussed in the asynchronous discussion forum that we have running this week and next (until November 29th).

But two have stuck in my mind:

1. Doesn’t emergent learning happen all the time? It has occurred to me that if our answer to this question is ‘Yes’, then why doesn’t emergent learning crop up very much in discussions about teaching and learning and why isn’t everyone who is interested in teaching and learning also interested in emergent learning?

2. Does emergent learning makes teachers redundant?

I will be thinking more about both these questions. For now I am trying to keep up with discussion!

Apart from the stimulating discussion we have been having, there was also quite a bit of interest in the webinar we will run next week on how to draw footprints of emergence – a tool we have developed to visualise the balance between prescriptive and emergent learning in any course, but particularly in open learning environments. This is a footprint of my experience in Old Globe MOOC. For further information about this see our open wiki

Figure 1 OG Footprint jpeg

…… and for more examples of footprints see here 

In next Tuesday’s webinar (Tuesday, 26 November 18:00 GMT, 10:00 PST) we are hoping that everyone will have a go at drawing a footprint of emergence. We will be talking everyone through the process.

If you are thinking of coming – to get the most out of the webinar, there are one or two things you might like to do beforehand.

1. Have in mind a course that you have designed, taught or experienced, that you would like to explore/reflect on in terms of its potential for emergent learning.

2. Have the following documents either printed out or downloaded onto your desktop. You can find these documents on our wiki here – or in the SCoPE site here.

  • Palette 2.0.1.png. This is for printing out and drawing by hand. It can then be scanned and either uploaded to the wiki or sent to one of us for uploading.
  • Palette new template 2. Docx. This is for downloading to your desktop and working on, on your computer.
  • Mapping sheet 2013. You will need to refer to this as you draw, but we will also talk you through it.

You may also find it helpful to watch the video that is on the wiki (8 mins) and embedded here.

If you have time to look at these documents before Tuesday that would be great, but don’t worry if you don’t have time. We will go through everything in the webinar.

Looking forward to continuing our discussion in SCoPE, or here in this blog, and seeing people again or for the first time in the second webinar on Tuesday 26th November.

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