Rhizomatic Learning Research


rhizo Screen_Shot_2013-09-17_at_8.51.41_PMThere is just under a week left before we close our survey in which we are gathering perspectives on Rhizomatic Learning.  Here is the linkhttp://bit.ly/Rhizo14survey

If you were aware of/part of Dave Cormier’s open course Rhizomatic Learning -The Community is the Curriculum, however loosely, then you might be interested in completing this survey. We hope so 🙂

We are interested to learn more about what people understand by rhizomatic learning. There are four key questions in the survey. The first three relate to your understanding of the use of a rhizome as a metaphor for teaching and learning. The fourth question relates to your experience of the Rhizo14 course. There are no obligatory questions in the survey. You can answer as many or as few as you wish. And you don’t have to have been an active or visible member of the Rhizo14 course to take part in this survey. We are interested in receiving as wide a range of responses as possible. To date we have received many wonderfully rich and fascinating responses.

You can find further details of how we are conducting this research on our blogs and we will continue to blog about our progress.



The survey will close on Sunday of this week – April 27th.

We have already started analyzing responses and according to the themes we identify in this first stage of analysis, we will be conducting a second round of email interviews with those of you who have agreed to this. We think this will probably be towards the end of May.

Very many thanks to all those who have taken the time to respond anonymously, or as identified respondents.

And finally this research is proving rich in more ways than one. I have now met with Mariana for the first time face-to-face in London over dinner in a great little Italian restaurant, and I have visited Frances at her home for lots of Rhizo chat. I have met Frances once before at a conference in 2010, but this is the first time we have met socially. The next meeting will have to be between the three of us 🙂

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