Growing Old Around the Globe 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 19.50.26

This 6 week Coursera MOOC – Growing Old Around the Globe – starts tomorrow – Monday 19th May.

I participated in this MOOC the last time it ran and throughly enjoyed it. I wrote a series of blog posts at the time which are archived here –

The MOOC is convened by Sarah Kagan and Anne Shoemaker from the University of Pennsylvania. They have already said that there will be some changes in the MOOC this second time through – and straight away I notice that it’s now possible to sign up and pay for a verified certificate. Whether or not you want a verified certificate, the assessment tasks are interesting and encourage a personal and creative approach – they are flexible enough for anyone to give them a go.

I think Sarah and Anne have also changed their introductory video. I particularly like their focus on compassion and respect. I remember from the last run of this MOOC that there are many moving stories about people’s experiences with ageing, either their own or their relatives and friends, and many interesting stories about how different cultures deal with this.

And this MOOC is not only for those in declining years. Last time the MOOC attracted some teenagers, as well as people in their 80s and the whole range of ages between. People of all ages can be touched by the issues associated with ageing.

For anyone whose life is being or has been affected by these issues, I can strongly recommend this MOOC.

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