Ten Reasons to Keep Writing

One of the people I enjoy following on Twitter is the author Joanne Harris. Every so often (this might be weekly, but I’m not sure) she invites her followers to ask a question about anything and everything to do with writing and publishing, which she attempts to answer in #TenTweets

The question today has come from:

Katie Hall-May @mypapercastles

How about ‘why we keep writing when it seems nobody’s reading’? I had a wobble recently and then realised that (at least one) of the answers is ‘because its about the journey more than the destination’ – but I can’t be the only one who wobbles sometimes on this one.

author-writing(Click here for source of image link)

Joanne Harris’s ten tweets response would probably be of interest to anyone who writes in any capacity, including a blogger like myself.

Joanne Harris  @Joannechocolat

This may be personal to each individual author, I suspect, but feel free to join the hashtag.

Follow#TenReasonsToKeepWriting to collect them all!

  1. Because you love it. If you don’t, then how can a reader be expected to?
  2. Because every time you put something out there, you’re reaching out to others and sharing your experiences.
  3. Because one day, without knowing it, your words might change someone’s life.
  4. Because the more you write, the more you understand about the process, and the more you get out of reading.
  5. Because the book you most want to read hasn’t yet been written.
  6. Because it helps you make sense of things that have happened to you in your life – and sometimes even helps you fight back.
  7. Because there’s nothing like the feeling of making something out of nothing, using only your imagination.
  8. Because you’re improving all the time.
  9. Because you know that stories are how people from different cultures and with different experiences communicate, empathize and grow to understand each other.
  10. Because if this world can be saved, it will be by those with imagination, compassion, courage, perseverance and the ability to ignite those qualities in other people, using only the power of words.

#TenReasonsToKeepWriting     3:35pm · 26 Oct 2018

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