10-05-16 Mackness, J. & Pauschenwein, J. (2016). Visualising structure and agency in a MOOC using the Footprints of Emergence framework. Tenth International Conference on Networked Learning.Lancaster.

Blog posts:


18-06-2015 Mackness, J. & Bell, F. Teaching and Learning in the Rhizome: challenges and possibilities. Mackness & Bell Conference Submission 2015 . Blog post about the presentation


03-11-2014 Bell, F., Mackness, J., Harvey, F. & Funes, M. An interactive exploration of the near future in educational technologiesBlog post

17-9-2014 Mackness, J. & Williams, R. Surfacing, sharing and valuing tacit knowledge. Keynote presentation.  13. ELearning Tag,  FH JOANNEUM, Graz, Austria.


Videos: and

27-6-2014 Mackness, J. & Bell, F. ALTMOOCSIG Conference The Rhizome as a Metaphor for Learning in a MOOC. See also Emerging ambiguities and concerns for blog posts about this presentation and the related Prezi.

03-4-2014 Mackness, J. & Makriyannis, E. Workshop for UCL Teaching & Learning Conference 2014 – Inspiring Students with Research-based Education: Readiness for Research-Based Learning

24-3-2014 Mackness, J. Collaborative Open Online Learning – A webinar for Oxford Brookes University’s MOOC – Teaching Online Open Course. Presentation 240314 with notes


09-9-2013 Williams, R. & Mackness, J. Learning in the Open – ALTC 2013 Conference University of Nottingham, UK

(18-29)-11-1013 Williams, R., Mackness, J. & Gumtau, S. SCoPE Seminar – Footprints of Emergence –

06-2013 William, R. & Mackness, J. Describing the Uniqueness of Learner Experience through Footprints of Emergence. ELESIG.

15-5-2013 Mackness, J. Open Academic Practice in Higher Education. FSLT13.

04-2013 Mackness, J. Introduction to Online Education Theory. Pedagogy First.

02-2013 Williams, R. & Mackness, J. Emergent Learning. Lancaster University.


07-2012 Roberts, G., Mackness, J., Waite, M. & Lovegrove, E. (2012) What Is Necessary and What Is Contingent in Design for a Massive Open Online Course? In Open Horizons: Sharing the Future. Aston University, Birmingham: Higher Education Academy.

Roberts, G., Mackness, J., Waite, M., & Lovegrove, E. (2012). Not just moocin’ about. In ALT-C 2012: A confrontation with reality. Presented at the ALT-C, Manchester, UK.


10-2011  Williams, R., Karousou, R. & Mackness, J. Emergent Learning and Learning Ecologies in Web 2.0 – online research seminar for Canadian Institute  of Distance Education Research (CIDER) at  Athabasca University – Emergent Learning in the New Learning Ecologies

For recording of the session see –

05-2011 Mackness, J. Benefits and Challenges of Communities of Practice in Higher Education –


07-2010  Mackness, J. Sustaining ELESIG.Presentation at the JISC Sustaining Innovation Forum,  Royal Holloway, University of London JISC Sustaining Innovation Forum 180710

07-2010  Mackness, J. & Williams, R. The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a MOOC – by invitation of George Siemens, Athabasca University Recording of an Elluminate session about the paper is available here

06-2010 Mackness, J. & Williams, R. Networked Learning Conference. The Ideals and Reality of Participating in aMOOC. Prezi from Presentation given to Networked Learning Conference 2010 Handout for the conference presentation

05-2010  Mackness, J. & Ryan, M. Enablers and Challenges of Communities of Practice in Higher Education  Conference, University of Birmingham. ProgrammeELESIG PPT


06-2008  Guldberg, K. & Mackness, J. Learner Experiences in an Online Community of Practice (PPT for elearning@greenwich conference)

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